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Vivify STEM

On 30 March 2023, Natasha Wilkerson was our guest speaker on the monthly call of the DHEDF Participating School Leadership . Natasha’s role’s with Vivify STEM and Space Club as well as the link to the recording of that call are as follows:

Natasha Wilkerson
Co-Founder, Director of Space Club
Vivify Stem Education
DHEDF Rural STEM Initiative Collaborating Organization

Zoom link to recording of Meeting

Passcode: P6V1zW$+


  1. Vivify STEM and Space Club Documents
  3. Space Club


  1. See Space Club Program Overview at ______________;

  2. Comment by Natasha Wilkerson: Space Club: Schools are invited to apply for a Teacher Grant to get free access to the Space Club Educator's Portal. This program includes year-long space themed STEM curriculum for K - 8 grades. Space Club is a turnkey and low-prep program that includes packaged lessons with videos and handouts for students, kits, training videos, and interviews with STEM professionals. Schools can also enroll in the Space Colony Competition to design a habitat in space and get feedback from STEM professionals. 

  • Comment by Wayne Fagan after conferring with Natasha Wilkerson: Space Club will award one teacher grant per DHEDF Rural STEM Initiative Participating School if you will apply for the grant [ instructions are on the website]and identify yourself as a Participating School in the DHEDF Rural STEM Initiative.

  1. Become a STEM Space Member
  1. See “Become a STEM Space Member” at ___________;

  2. Comment by Natasha Wilkerson: The STEM Space: Are you looking for low-prep, high-quality, and engaging STEM units? Vivify offers an annual membership to teachers for access to an extension collection of K-8 STEM lessons along with professional development videos and classroom resources. 
  • Comment by Wayne Fagan after conferring with Natasha Wilkerson: With regard to the info on the STEM Space Flyer, regrettably, currently there are no grants available from DHEDF or Vivify STEM for the resources shown on this flyer.
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