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Rural STEM Initiative


What our participants are saying about DHEDF Rural STEM:

"I just finished watching the rec..."

| Tracy Thomas, Teacher, Principles of Applied Engineering, Space and Engineering Technologies Academy, San Antonio, Texas

I just finished watching the recording on 14 May what great resources you shared! We have had a few students work with AOPA Flight Training and they are now at Embry Riddle and Georgia Tech. Thanks so much for the time you spent preparing this and thanks for providing the recording. I plan on viewing it again with my boss as we discuss some of our aviation pathways for the students.

"…my teacher’s heart appreciates ..."

| Rosemary Riggs, Ph.D., Education Outreach Program Coordinator, Texas Biomed

…my teacher’s heart appreciates all you are doing for teachers and students. Our rural communities are severely underserved. Despite their best efforts, teachers everywhere, especially those serving rural communities, are tasked at a herculean level.

The resources provided by the DHEDF provide a spectrum of career connections for teachers and their students. The DHEDF is a vital connection to diverse organizations. It would take hours of a teacher’s valuable time to locate the resources you have provided.

Thank you, Wayne, for your commitment to supporting educators and creating career pathways for students in rural communities.

"My students have enjoyed each se..."

| Terri Bird, Principal, Frankford Elementary

My students have enjoyed each session we've been on. It's amazing that with today's technology, my students get exposure to things that I as the teacher know nothing about. They love getting the chance to ask the presenter questions at the end. Hands down, their favorite so far has been the drones.

From my perspective as Principal, I am happy to see how excited our students have been when they have the opportunity to participate in one of the presentations. Their excitement at learning about and seeing something new is very rewarding for myself and their teacher, but knowing they are being exposed to knowledge they otherwise may never learn or not have the opportunity to learn until much later is the best aspect of this initiative.

"As a rural school with limited f..."

| Jim Perry, Principal, Stapleton School

As a rural school with limited funding and a small staff, I worry that our students will not be as well-prepared for future success in critical STEM fields as those afforded greater learning opportunities. Being part of the DHEDF Rural STEM Initiative has granted us access to a wide variety of STEM learning resources we can use to enhance instruction, as well as an impressive network of participating agencies who are specifically advocating for our students.

Collaborating with similarly challenged schools around the country allows us the invaluable chance to learn from and support one another. We now have unique learning opportunities that other schools do not have. The Rural STEM Initiative has truly helped us level the playing field for our students and we will always be grateful for that.

Dee Howard International Education Foundation

Rural STEM Initiative

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