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The Mission of the Dee Howard International Education Foundation (DHEDF) is to develop (in collaboration with others) programming, resources, curriculum, and initiatives to engage primarily underserved and Pre-K thru 12 students in STEAM learning based on the use of automotive and/or aeronautical project-based learning pathways. The role of the Advisory Councils is to advise DHEDF on how best to achieve those goals in their respective disciplines.

Aerospace Advisory Council

The Aerospace Advisory Council consists of leading national experts with knowledge of what resources are available nationally in Aviation and Aerospace Pre-K thru 16+ STEAM education and how DHEDF can best make that information available to all stakeholders (i.e. educators, students, administrators, government officials, and industry partners). DHEDF will defer to The Dee Howard Foundation and its local cooperating organizations to take the lead in providing those resources as well as curriculum development in Aviation and Aerospace Pre-K thru 16+ STEAM in the San Antonio and South Central Texas Region.

Automotive Advisory Council

The goal of DHEDF in the automotive sector is to serve as a resource for existing Pre-K thru 16+ STEAM education based on automotive technology and to add to that knowledge base by developing curriculum and programming for an automotive STEAM Pre-K thru 16+ initiative to be developed in cooperation with industry partners and educators in the San Antonio Area as a model program to be shared once developed with our national stakeholders. Accordingly, the members of the Automotive STEAM Advisory Council will consist of local and national experts with subject matter expertise that will help us design and implement this initiative.

Teacher Advisory Council

The Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)  consists of leading Pre-K thru 12 teachers with a diversity of backgrounds from different geographic regions in the US. The role of the TAC is (a) to provide DHEDF with a “view from the trenches” as to how DHEDF can best fulfill its Mission Statement and provide teachers with the most useful resources to integrate STEAM learning in their curriculum, and (b) foster and facilitate a national dialogue among teachers to exchange ideas on problems encountered, best practices, and their views as to how DHEDF can best serve them and their students.

Aerospace STEM Advisory Council Members

Automotive STEM Advisory Council Members

Teacher Advisory Council Members

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