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The Striking Lines of the Howard 250 Executive

History of aviation in the San Antonio region
Of the countless captivating stories centered around the people and aircraft of World War II, most are understandably focused on the war effort itself. From tales of ferocious aerial battles above European farm fields to bombing missions in the Pa...

Russia's bluster over International Space Station

Aerospace STEM Posts
Recently, Russia insinuated that it was planning on leaving the International Space Station after 2024. NASA and Roscosmos have worked together since its inception to keep the station in orbit since the first ISS component was launched in 1998, de...

Russia and China are ahead of US in hypersonic missile technology. Here's why

Aerospace STEM Posts
Russia and China are ahead of the US in developing and testing hypersonic missile technology, especially when it comes to building wind tunnels. CNN's Kristin Fisher has the details. #CNN #News

What are hypersonic weapons and is Russia's use of them in Ukraine the start of a new arms race?

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In 2019, a new type of hypersonic weapon called the DF-17 was unveiled during a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

How will the Russian invasion impact U.S.-Russia cooperation in space?

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The U.S. and Russia have a long history of cooperation in space, and the International Space Station is the most recent example. But now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has cast some doubt on the future of U.S. agreements with the Russians.

How We Lifted Flight from Bird Evolution

Aerospace STEM Posts
On December 17 in 1903, the Wright brothers achieved what humans had dreamed about since the earliest days of our species: soaring through the air. For millennia, visionaries watched birds take wing and wondered how they might do the same.

Dee's Legend Lives On

History of aviation in the San Antonio region
Subtitled "A History of the National Business Aircraft Association 1940-1986", this book in the 1940 Air Terminal Museum's collection features a handsome cover illustration of what appears to be a Dee Howard conversion of a Lockheed Lodestar, not ...

Check Out This New Rendering Of Boeing's Hypersonic Aircraft Design

Aerospace STEM Posts
Boeing has provided additional artwork of its latest hypersonic aircraft concept, and additional information about the design itself has emerged. The company unveiled a model of this design, which is an evolution of one that was first shown back i...

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