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Senators Introduce a bill to establish the National Center for the Advancement of Aviation

Inhofe, Duckworth, Hyde-Smith, Rubio, Wyden Introduce Bill to Create Center for Aviation Advancement

The National Center for the Advancement of Aviation would serve as a national, independent forum to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between all sectors of aviation and aerospace stakeholders and related partners, with a particular focus on aviation and aerospace workforce development. It would allow these sectors to coordinate, promote, and support the future of aviation and ensure that the United States remains a global aviation and aerospace leader.

“As we continue to advance as a nation, we are in need of a center to address the demands and challenges associated with our growing aviation industry,” Inhofe said. “The National Center for the Advancement of Aviation will empower a collaborative process to promote aviation in the United States and enable the development of the next generation of aviation and aerospace workers. As a pilot myself, I am proud to continue to advocate for aviation stakeholders and introduce this bill today alongside Sens. Duckworth, Hyde-Smith, Rubio and Wyden to establish the NCAA.”