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SAE Scholarships

SAE Scholarships

About the Organization

As first-generation college students, we knew that scholarships would be an important way to make college affordable and minimize debt. Unfortunately, many scholarship websites had expired scholarships and distracting ads. Through high-quality, expert content and unbiased recommendations, Scholarships360 helps students unpack the most complicated issues related to paying for college. In 2021, we built a data-driven platform to make an even bigger impact for students. The Scholarships360 platform will help every student create a personalized plan to find and fund a high ROI educational opportunity. Our mission is to make finding and funding education simpler, faster, and more accessible for all Americans. When you sign up for Scholarships360, you’re getting a personal advisor to help you pay for a high ROI college.

About Scholarships

Scholarships360 is a comprehensive scholarship resource founded by first-generation college students to help students navigate the complexities of funding their education. With high-quality content and expert guidance, Scholarships360 offers vetted scholarships tailored to individual needs, making the process of finding and applying for scholarships simpler and more accessible. The platform's data-driven approach empowers students to create personalized plans for funding their education, ensuring they find high-return opportunities. Sign up for Scholarships360 to access personalized scholarship matching and expert advice to help you pay for college.