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The DHEDF Rural STEM Initiative

The AMA Education Team prioritizes educating current AMA members, prospective members, and even those who are just interested in model aviation. If you read through the many entries on our Education Blog, you can see the many ways we provide engaging learning opportunities to members of all ages.

However, we are a fairly small team. While we work day in and day out to ensure that we provide quality educational resources for those interested, it is important to us that we team up with others in order to reach new audiences we may not typically have access to.

The Dee Howard International Education Foundation (DHEDF) is a Texas-based educational non-profit established in January 2022. DHEDF’s mission is to collaborate with other educational organizations and develop programming, curricula, resources, and initiatives to provide educational experiences to underserved Pre-K through twelfth students in STEAM-based learning. This STEAM learning is based on the use of Automotive and/or Aeronautical project-based learning pathways.

DHEDF announced its National STEM Initiative focused on Rural Schools in May 2022. The purpose of the Rural STEM Initiative is to deliver Aerospace and Automotive STEAM resources to rural schools for Pre-K through grade 12 students, teachers, and school administrators. The collaborating organizations deliver these resources primarily via virtual programming.

Rural STEM Participants benefit from involvement with top educators and scientists, engage in national dialogue and discussion with rural school peers, and contribute to the structure and implementation of the STEM program.

The goal is to establish an ongoing relationship with the schools participating in the Initiative to supplement their other STEM resources at no charge to the school and on a non-exclusive basis.

Wayne I. Fagan
Chair Dee Howard International Education Foundation

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Dee Howard International Education Foundation

Rural STEM Initiative

  • Benefit from involvement with top educators and scientists!
  • Participate in a national dialogue with rural school peers!
  • Contribute to the structure and implementation of STEM programming
  • Collaboration!
  • Bring unlimited possibilities to bright young lives through learning!

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