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Dee used to say, “it’s amazing how much you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit for it”.

DHEDF recognizes that there are many fine organizations throughout the U.S. who are doing great work in the Pre-K thru 12 sectors DHEDF is focused on (i.e., automotive and aerospace). Our goal is to share their stories, spread the word about their great work, and create a database of the work being done by DHEDF and others. Also, we maintain a calendar of events so stakeholders can organize their schedules to take advantage of the events being planned, post announcements through our News section, and through our Journal (blog), create a forum for dialogue so we can learn from each other and better serve our respective communities and students.

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, what we have launched today is a small first step, it is a work in process. The more the website is used and the more information you provide to us, the more information we will be able to post and the more useful it will be for each of us.

We invite you to visit and, if you would like to receive further communications from us, submit your name and email address in the sign-up form on the website to help us spread the word about DHEDF and invite others to do the same (we do not make our database available to third parties).

To those that may say, there are other resources out there doing the same thing, I say great. Send me their details and we will add them to our database if they are not already listed.

At DHEDF we use Dee Howard and The Dee Howard Co. (DHC) as our role models in all that we do. When Dee would lose a job we were going after at DHC (fortunately that did not happen very often) he would say, that is ok and I wish them well. I really wanted that job but I am happy that XYZ company got it because that means the aviation sector is doing well, we will get the next one. So if someone else out there is doing what DHEDF is doing please let us know so we can give them a big shout-out, thank them for their great work, and list them on our website as a resource.

So our journey begins, as Dee used to say, "I don’t know where we are heading but we are making good time.” With your help, let’s see where this journey takes us. It should be an exciting ride.

Thanks for your interest in and engagement with DHEDF and our Mission.

All the best,

Wayne I. Fagan

Chair, Dee Howard International Education Foundation


The Mission of the Dee Howard International Education Foundation (DHEDF) is to develop (in collaboration with others) programming, resources, curriculum, and initiatives to engage primarily underserved Pre-K thru 12 students in STEAM learning based on the use of automotive and/or aeronautical project-based learning pathways.

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