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  Sunday, 24 July 2022
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I am amazed to see the variety of Professional Development that teachers do in the summer. Can you share some of your favorites? SETSail Teacher STEM Training just finished up at the US Naval Academy. The teacher workshops start at Oshkosh next week. Civil Air Patrol is conducting ACE camps around the country for students. NASA Centers around the country conduct teacher trainings at their facilities on various aviation and space topics. Please share something that stimulated your thought process on something new to bring back to your classroom. Do you continue to network with teachers that you meet at these workshops during the year?
Monday, 25 July 2022 15:13

Thanks so much for your response. It is awesome that you have such a great community mentor. How did you find this person? Do you have suggestions for others on how to get started with something in their school? I'm hoping that we can capture these great programs as they surface for the resources page.
Monday, 25 July 2022 00:17
Hi there! I agree...there are more and more opportunities to get just what you need! However, sometimes the community/industry itself is an amazing way to get professional development. We work with a retired Air Force/mathematician/rocket mentor. We have a 6-8 magnet program that specializes in aerospace and technology. We have done a ton of activities where the students are teaching students...they turned out fantastic! So, we work with our community mentor every summer to vertically align in every possible way. We now have the grade above make the parts for the grade below and then teaching them how to build it instead of us! When students teach students it is a completely different project and means so much more!
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