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Sam Ximenes stands near what he calls his “Frankenbot” — a robot that is capable of excavating the lunar surface to create bricks from the moon dust — at the Boeing Tech Port Center's Area 21 SAMSAT Museum. Credit: Kin Man Hui for the San Antonio Report

Sam Ximenes is a pioneer of the new, foreign world of architecture in space

His father was a judge, his uncle was a civil rights activist, and another uncle became the first Hispanic commissioner appointed by a president.

Sam Ximenes is a pioneering space architect who has a big vision and plans to make San Antonio a hub for space exploration and architecture.

Space architecture is the design and building of physical structures for human needs in outer space. As the field grows, more people are needed to build space stations, habitats and lunar or planetary bases. 

And while his local companies achieve success through design, Ximenes is recruiting San Antonio students for the workforce, making STEM education, tech and architecture accessible.

His work, belief in education, and entrepreneurial spirit follow the steps of his family, who achieved the Mexican American dream through the same values.

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